The largest event in the competitive eating calendar is on July 4 because Coney Island plays host to Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. Can anyone beat Joey”Jaws” Chestnut? Will we see a new Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest record? Continue Reading for a close look at the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest chances.
Can you imagine eating 74 sexy dogs in 10 minutes? It seems hopeless, but Joey Chestnut managed that in 2018 when he won Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest.
Believe it or not, although there are a number of people out there looking for value in European soccer leagues or Major League Baseball, others will be reevaluate the odds before their best-known hot dog eating competition.
Bettors can bet on whether Joey”Jaws” Chestnut will assert his twelfth Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest title and when he (or anyone else) will eclipse his all time record of 74 sexy dogs.
What is Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest?
Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest began in 1914 and is held every year on July 4. Regarded as the highlight of the aggressive eating calendar, millions of viewers tune into watch the contest. In addition to the kudos that includes devouring more hot dogs than anyone else, whoever consumes the most wins a hefty chunk of a $40,000 in prize purse.

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