This weekend, we’ve got a 12-fight card in Russia. DraftKings has some solid contests for us to win a great deal of money from this week considering it’s a more compact card and begins at 10:15am ET. The most important GPP is a $15 buy-in and $25k goes to 1st place with a total of $100k being paid out. They also have a new Qualifier for $175,000. There’ll be 100 qualifiers for that contest and they will compete for a $50k first place price and $175k will probably be spread out between all 100 admissions that qualify. I will try to get my 2nd and 3rd chairs this week if possible. Those Qualifier only contests can be real bankroll suckers so be careful chasing those overly hard. I will probably stick to the very best GPP this week and throw 100 or so entries at that $25k prize, and then I will likely take a couple shots at the Q. I will also be publishing H2Hs in addition to picking up H2Hs through the week to receive a great amount of drama into cash games.
With that said, let us get into a few plays I enjoy this week Together with my fade of the week:
Cash Game play of this week — Roxanne Modafferi — $6,900
I really don’t believe there are really no cash locks nowadays, so I wanted to bring up a cash strategy I use a lot of the moment, which can be punting in cash and accepting a reduction. I really don’t believe Roxy gets the win , but she’s just $6.9k and that I believe she receives 15-minutes of action. I like the flooring that accompanies that and punting along with her cheap price enables us to fit in more of those favorites that are higher with our other 5 spots. We do not need 6 wins in money games, so that I don’t think we will need to try for it. I enjoy playing cash games if I can lock in 25-35 points at a reduction from Roxy at her cheap price I’m totally ok with that. I look for 4 wins in money and above 350-400 DK points. That’s my goal every week. Let everybody else make the errors and only shoot for a score that can conquer 50% or more of this area.
GPP play of this week — Alistair Overeem — $8,900
This is an all-in struggle for GPPs in my opinion and I enjoy Overeem among my top plays of the week. Oleinik took this fight on short notice so I would be amazed to see this move all 5 rounds. I also believe Overeem will be too fast for him to get takedowns, and Overeem is amounts ahead of him in the striking game. The only shot Oleinik has of winning on the toes would be by landing a haymaker and knocking Overeem out. Or, get a standing submission. Besides those two results, Overeem will smoke on the toes. I also think Overeem will work his way back to his toes if he is taken down and the longer Oleinik shoots takedowns the faster he will gas outside. I like the -175 ITD line which is included with Overeem here and I believe he gets a complete in around 2 or 1. That should provide us close to 100 DK points if not more, and I want that in a lot of my own GPP lineups.
Underdog play of the week — Rafael Fiziev — $7,700
Fiziev is no more the underdog on the gambling line (-120) but DraftKings salaries don’t change as soon as they’re released. We get Fiziev here for 800 cheaper than Mustafaev and he is favored to get the win. I was very impressed with what I saw from this kid and that I agree with all the line motion. I do think he gets the win , but it is the DK value that we would like to make certain to find exposure to the weekend. I believe he is an excellent play cash games with the present value and I expect to be overweight on him in GPPs too. We must roster underdogs in our lineups and if we can use a favorite as among those”underdogs” I am usually on board for it.
Fade of the week — Antonina Shevchenko ($9,300)
Antonina Shevchenko is my fade of this week because of her $9.3k price tag. I really do think she gets the win here as I mentioned previously, I simply don’t see how she’ll pay off that wages without a finish. I really don’t see her shooting for any takedowns in this match, and I don’t wish to rely on her getting knockdown points . So, we are only likely to be getting 0.5 points each significant attack, and the 30-point win bonus when she wins a decision. If that is true, we’d want her to land over 126 sig strikes simply to get more than 10x worth. I don’t see that being true and I think she more likely scores 80-85 DK points at a decision triumph. At her wages, that won’t win anyone the big $25k. That is the prize I am shooting so that’s why she’s my fade of the week.
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