Creating a calculator for NBA odds based off Data

So I’ll try to keep this short. During this winter break I’ve discovered a lot of web development and wished to create a web site that gives odds and percentage to win based on 100% statistics for NBA games. I understand you’re saying that this is most likely really difficult to do and that, however, over the previous summer I assemble a equation for determining percentage to triumph in MLB games, and I obviously used those proportions to place bets if the proportions were greater than the provided odds, etc. I locate tuned it and I really had been profitable, however I would do this 10-14 times every day inputting heaps of data for $1 stakes. So it got very repetitive and I ceased (thought I will turn this into site come April). Now, I will create a django web app to scrape the web for nba stats with beautifulsoup and the entire process becomes a thousand times easier. The issue is that I am not as great with NBA stats as I am MLB.
What I am wanting to get at here is that I’m wondering if it possible to create a community-based algorithm to determine the percentage of a team?

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