Entertainment Betting is On the Rise

While betting has been restricted to sports, we are seeing a move toward interest in gambling on TV shows like Big Brother, Dancing With The Stars, Game of Thrones and much more.
WWE and professional wrestling falls into this domain of entertainment betting. We know the outcomes are predetermined, but it is fun to get any skin in the match when outcomes are still generally unknown to the public.
But Isn’t It Fake?
Scripted, yes. Fake, no. But the part will lead to bettors to raise the eyebrow. How is it fair if the result is understood? Much like the outcome is known to TV show authors, people still prefer to make bets for pleasure when they believe that they understand the solution.
While, yes, the result is called the actors and the writing staffs, many times the results have been kept confidential in WWE’s inner circle. Sometimes those outcomes get leaked and one way that books tip off bettors they are in the know is inflated betting lines, like one wrestler being a -900 favorite for a game.
It’s very important to bettors to realize that there is a distinct difference in amusement gambling versus sports gambling. Entertainment betting is not a wise strategy to maximize your bankroll.
Most Books WIll Limit Entertainment Bets
Since the results are not determined in real time, books will restrict the amount of money a player can bet in a entertainment event. The standard maximum bet would usually be less than $100 accepted on a wager. This way, the book protects itself from someone with insider advice placing a huge bet on a certain thing.

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