Kildare soccer manager Jack O’Connor has emphasized the significance of getting the best footballers at the county.
Some players have chosen from the Lilywhites squad for many different reasons, however, Kerry native O’Connor is keen for the other side.
“There’s great footballers in Kildare. It is only a matter for us now to attempt to find the best players in to the board, and attempt to create a suitable team out of them,” he explained in a meeting with Kfm.
“My aim is to try and have the best gamers in Kildare involved from the board next calendar year. That’s not feasible for reasons that are private – that is OK, and gamers move anything or travelling. You need to honor that.
“But we will try and find the best gamers at Kildare in, and give ourselves the best opportunity of succeeding.
“Dublin have shown the last few years – it is the strength of the board that is forcing them to higher heights. If gamers get complacent and they are in a comfort zone, that’s not a good place to be.”
Beneath Cian O’Neill, progress was made by the county since they won promotion also reached the 8s.
But in 2018, they were relegated from the highest grade of the league, and O’Connor has prioritised a recurrence.
“At this juncture, it would look as a priority to try and get promotion from Division 2, as you really wish to be in with the big guns in Division 1, try and combine in Division 1 since that’s where the real action is,” he mentioned.
“Today Division 2 is very aggressive when you find the groups that are in there. Two great teams last year coming back – Roscommon and Cavan – you noticed everything Roscommon did this year. They have improved.
“It’s definitely going to be a hard ask, but that could be our first priority, to get advertising from Section 2.”
O’Connor has not handled at intercounty degree since 2012, but he has no worries that he might have lost contact with all the game.
“I have been involved in some shape or form right up to this season. I don’t think it will be that difficult to transition. The game certainly has become it’s become more attritionaland it’s become more defensive occasionally.
“That is a struggle in itself. But that’s where the pleasure of training comes in – the challenge of trying to break down things like this.”
In terms of the hype and anticipation which accompanies a three-time All-Ireland winning manager linking up with a county of such potential, it is seen by O’Connor .
He added:”There’s loads of anticipation in Kerry, also in Kildare as well. It is no injury. That drives gamers. It would be a great deal worse when they had low expectation, since that could demotivate players.”
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